Bontnewydd School is a bi-lingual county school for 3 – 11 old pupils

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Welsh Language Charter


logoThe Welsh Language Charter Council's aim is to positively influence children's use of Welsh socially. In short, to get the children to speak Welsh naturally among themselves. Since the launch of the Gwynedd’s Welsh Language Charter in primary schools, very good work has gone on in our school. The Welsh Language Charter requires the involvement of all members of the school community - the School Council, the pupils, the workforce, parents, governors and the wider community in order to ensure full ownership of it.

At the beginning of each school year, pupils in all KS2 classes vote to elect two pupils to represent their class on the school Welsh Language Charter Council. These members then meet at least twice a term to discuss the ideas of the Class Councils, or any data collected, before setting priorities and a program of action. Delegates are expected to report back to the class after each meeting so that they understand and know what decisions have been made.

The Class Councils and Welsh Language Charter Council give pupils the opportunity to express their views and work together in partnership with staff and Governors. It also provides an opportunity for pupils to develop numerous skills including literacy, numeracy, personal and social.

So far we have received the Bronze and Silver Siarter Iaith Gwynedd awards (Gwynedd’s Welsh Language Charter award). We are now working towards reaching the levels required for winning the Gold award.


Welsh Language Charter Data

Welsh Language Charter Data
Welsh Language Charter Data
Welsh Language Charter Data

Heledd and Kyle presented the Welsh Language Charter data in the school assembly following the questionnaire they filled out in October. We have developed targets and ideas to improve the data throughout the year.

The areas to develop are:
- Using the Welsh language on the internet and while texting.
- Listen to more Welsh music.
- Watch more Welsh television shows and DVD’s.

We are hoping to have:
- Welsh song of the week.
- Arrange a Welsh Cd and DVD fair in the school.
- Invite people to the school in the ‘Cymru Cwl’ week.

We kindly ask for you to support us as the Welsh Language Charter council and help your children develop these targets at home.
Thank you
Welsh Language Charter 2017-2018

The Gold Award

The Gold Award

Congratulations to the Welsh Charter council 2016-2017 on being awarded the gold award for all their hard work last year. Here are 2017-2018 representatives Heledd and Kyle receiving the award in the school assembly on Friday.

Blaenoriaethau Cyngor Siarter Iaith 2017-18 (Welsh only available...)

Blaenoriaethau Cyngor Siarter Iaith 2017-18


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Welsh Language Charter Council
plantCongratulations to the following on being elected to the Welsh Language Charter Council. Their work is to promote the Welsh language.

Ava, Heledd, Gwion, Kyle, Carrie, Deian, Jana, Danial, Ela Wyn and Hari.

20.01.17 Welsh language Charter - click here

To view the Language Charter Council 2016-17 - click here

cyngor siarter iaith









Members of the Language Charter Council 2015-2016



Yr Wyddfa

Sian Roberts

Sion Jones


Angharad Jones

Sion Dafydd


Amelia Beattie

Iolo Bremaud-Jones


Freya Jones

Cai Bohana


Miss Rachel Wills


Welsh Language Charter’s Targets 2015-2016

logo siarter iaith



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This week's Topic
This week's Topic

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you choose and why?

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This week's Topic
This week's Topic

Who is your favourite footballer in the world and why?

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This week's Topic
This week's Topic

The best thing about this school is...

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This week's Topic
This week's Topic

If you could go on holiday for a month, where would you go and why?

Anna Celyn Evans - Dosbarth Tryfan

Sharing information with the School Governors

at the fair at the fair  

at the fairThe School Governors thoroughly enjoyed listening to the thoroughly informative Presentations given by members of the School Council, Eco Council and Welsh Charter Council regarding the work they’ve been doing during this Educational Year 2015-2016. All the Council members, along with the rest of the pupils and staff, work hard in order to make Bontnewydd School a great school.

Siwan Llynor’s Visit
plantPupils from Years 1-6 School were very fortunate to work with Siwan Llynor to convey, through drama, some heroic events by Welsh Superheroes such as characters from the Mabinogi, Princess Gwenllian, Dafydd ap Siencyn, Marged heroine of Snowdonia and Owain Glyndwr. We all had great fun discussing the characters and their history as well as thinking how a toy model of these heroes would stand and what would be their 'moto'. During these activities, we developed many skills especially speaking, listening and discussing. We also had a lot of fun. Thanks to the Welsh Language Charter Council for organizing.

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Question and answer session
plantOn the morning of Friday, March 4th, as a finale to our 'Cool Cymru' week, Ruth, Kim, Geraint Iwan and Malcolm Allen came to hold a Q & A session in the school hall. It was really good to hear that the fact that they can speak Welsh has helped them to be able to do the job they're in now. Ruth and Kim explained how speaking Welsh helps them to communicate effectively in their work as social workers. Geraint Iwan expressed that he loves talking on the radio every day through the medium of Welsh language and how he has a chance to have fun with the guests in his first language. Malcolm Allen explained how he has been able to continue to live his dream by having close contact to football because he can speak Welsh and commentate on games live on the radio and television. While listening to their talk and having the opportunity to ask questions about their history and their working life, we learned a lot about the guests. It was a very rewarding experience.

St David’s Day 2016
As part of our St David's Day celebrations, the pupils participated in various activities relating to our Patron Saint as well as learning the meaning and singing the National Anthem. We also had a delicious lamb dinner. Many thanks to the School Council for organizing this beforehand with Auntie Magi and the kitchen staff. During the evening concert, a large number of pupils entertained family and friends of the school. Thanks to everyone who came to support us.

St. David's Day

The annual St. Davis’s Day service was held at the school hall on the morning of March 1st. This year, the nursery and reception class were responsible for the service. Everyone looked smart in their traditional costume or red coloured clothes. We would like to thank the parents and friends for supporting the children by joining the congregation.

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Live Band

Listening to the Welsh Band Fleur de lys singing live in the school hall was an amazing experience. Thank you Miss Wills and the Welsh Charter Committee for organising the gig.

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Performance by Alys Williams - March 2nd

On Wednesday we had an amazing performance by Alys Williams. The children were in their element asking Alys questions and listening to her new music.

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The importance of the Welsh language - February 29th

Thank you Gwenan Ellis Jones for coming to the school to discuss the importance of the Welsh language.



Urdd Concert (school) 26/02/16


We watched the children that were participating in the Eisteddfod yr Urdd perform their brilliant pieces.

Cymru Cŵl Week Presentation

Here are the children from the School Council and Welsh Language Charter presenting the events of the ‘Cymru Cŵl’ week to the pupils in the assembly on Friday.


Cymru Cŵl Week

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Santes Dwynwen Disco
posterThe Santes Dwynwen Disco will be held in the school hall on 28/1/16 between 6:00 and 7:00. This year, the Language Charter Council and Parent Teacher Association have decided to hold a masked ball. Pupils will be making masks in school. No entrance to secondary children unless accompanied by an adult.

Entrance £1. Hot Dogs £1. Drinks and cakes will be on sale.
We kindly ask for donations of small cakes for the stall.

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Gwynedd Silver Award for Language Charter Council
plantBontnewydd Language Charter Council received a Silver award recently for the work of the council. Congratulation to members of the Council on their hard work. Thanks to Miss Rachel Wills for leading the work of the Council

Language Charter Competition
plantThe Language Charter Council held a Christmas Poster competition recently. The purpose of the competition was to promote the work of the Language Charter Council. Congratulations to Ella and Delyth on winning the competition.


Here is the Christmas Digital Pack for you to use over the holidays.
The aim of the pack is to encourage people to do the LittleThingsInWelsh over Christmas - click here

The pack includes:
- ‘Dolig2015 Pack
- How to write a Christmas Card
- Christmas Carol
- Facebook header
- Twitter header
- 5 Things to do in Welsh over the Holidays
- Christmas Card
- Colouring in
- Shopping List
- An extra pack to target parents
- Cymraeg for Kids pack
- 5 Things to do with your children in Christmas
- Facebook header
- Twitter header
- Colouring in
- Christmas Carol
- A letter to Father Christmas
- Father Christmas’ Christmas Journey
- Poster Template