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Head Pupils

Elections have been held in Year 6 to choose the Head Pupils for the year.

Year 6 held elections for the post of Head Pupils.

plantCongratulations to Gwenlli and Deian on being elected as Head Students and to Carrie, Menai, Ciron and Dyfan on being elected as Deputies.

Head Pupils for 2017 - 2018 are:










Head Girl - Catrin Mai Huws-Thomas
Head Boy - Iolo Bremaud-Thomas
Deputy Head Girl - Heledd and Lois
Deputy Head Boy - Gwion and Cai


Head Pupils for 2015-2016 are:










Head Girl - Sian Roberts
Head Boy - Joseff Thomas
Deputy Head Girl - Llio Jones
Deputy Head Boy - Sion Jones


Head Pupils for 2014-2015 are:









Head Girl - Megan Euros Jones
Head Boy - Steffan Element
Deputy Head Girl - Catrin Lloyd
Deputy Head Boy - Nathan Jones


Head Pupils for 2013 - 2014 are:

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Head Girl - Martha Ceiriog
Head Boy - Owain Sion Evans
Deputy Head Girl - Malan Hughes
Deputy Head Boy - Guto Jones