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Children at Work – K.S.2

Key Stage 2
At seven years old children transfer from the Foundation Phase to Key Stage 2. Arrangements are in place to ease the transition from one Key Stage to another. In Key Stage 2 pupils follow the 2008 Curriculum including the Skills Framework and the PSE Framework. Subject are divided into Core and Foundation subjects. Priority is given to the Core Subjects.

Core Subjects


Foundation Subjects

• Welsh

• History

• Geography

• English

• Religious Education

• Art

• Mathematics

• Design and Technology

• Music

• Science

• Physical Education

• Information Technology

Core Subjects are taught in four year groups. (years 3 - 6). These groups are combined to three year groups on certain afternoons.

Each classroom has its own library as well as an I.T. area. Art and Design areas are shared between classes. Physical Education classes are held in the school hall, on the field or the school yard. Groups of pupils attend swimming lessons at the Leisure Center in Caernarfon.

The curriculum is enriched by visitors and school visits e.g. The Ysgwrs, home of bard Hedd Wyn, Classe de Mer, Slate Museum, Dolbadarn Castle, Celtic Houses at Melin Llynnon and the Recycling Plant at Caernarfon. Pupils from years 5 and 6 attend residential courses at Rhyd Ddu, Glan-llyn and Cardiff.

Pupils have the opportunity to work individually, in pairs or groups. The focus is on developing skills, independent learning and thinking skills in all areas of the curriculum.

We are in the process of developing part of the school field as an outdoor learning area. It is lovely area which encourages children to take an interest in their environment whilst extending their learning experiences in the outdoors.