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Homework - KS 2


Homework forms an important link between the school and the home, and provides an opportunity for parents to contribute towards the child’s education. Weekly homework is set at Key Stage 2 in compliance with the school’s Homework Policy. Of course, every child’s age, ability and needs would be taken into account when setting homework and we trust that you as parents/guardians will assist, supervise and ensure that the tasks are completed to the best of the child’s ability.

The homework may reflect class work and provide an opportunity for pupils to review and reinforce that which occurs in school. Occasionally, a pupil will be required to carry out a particular activity where information provided by parents, relatives and neighbours is required. Some tasks also provide them with an opportunity to use their imagination, and develop their thinking, reading, communication and problem-solving skills. Some activities will also require the pupils to do investigative work and discover and present information on a specific topic or chosen by them.

A Home/School Reading Plan is implemented. The purpose of the plan is to promote the partnership between parents and their children, pupil and their teachers and the home-school links.

On a weekly basis, every child brings a reading book home as well as a recording book. Your co-operation in this venture that was set up to promote the children’s reading, is appreciated.