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The school, in partnership with the home, is responsible for every child’s physical development therefore, PE lessons are regularly held for the Foundation Phase and the Key Stage 2 pupils either in the school hall, on the playground or on the field.

Physical Education forms an important aspect of the Curriculum and is a statutory requirement for every child. All pupils are notified at the start of the year on which day PE lessons are held. All Key Stage 2 pupils have an opportunity during the school year to attend a series of swimming lessons, held at the Arfon Leisure Centre. The lessons form part of the school’s activities, and every pupil is expected to attend the lessons.

Our aim is to develop the children’s stamina, control and aestheticism through getting them to be physically active. Many different activities are offered to develop the health, fitness and wellbeing of each pupil as well as to nurture and develop the skills of fair play and team work.

Activities offered during the year:

• Football

• Netball

• Rugby

• Hockey

• Cricket

• Rounders

• Tennis

• Problem solving and orienteering

• Gymnastics

• Dance

• Athletics

• Circuit Training

• Swimming


In addition to the above, opportunities are occasionally offered for pupils to attend extra-curricular sporting activities. These activities may include opportunities to develop skills in sailing, kayaking, surfing, walking and climbing ropes.

Many local and county sports competitions are supported by the school. These include football, netball, rugby, athletics, cricket, orienteering, swimming and cross-country running. Annual school sports days are held where all pupils have the opportunity to participate in a variety of fun competitions.

Dragon Sports Club
logo campau'r ddraig
A sports club is held each fortnight throughout the year. Games, athletics and fitness sessions are included in the activities.

Dragon Sports Club is open to pupils in Year 4, 5 and 6